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Menma's butt

Here the pictures of my purchases at Japan Expo 2013 :D

  • Itachi’s picture + Madara and Tobirama Bookmarks

a present from a dear friend :’)

  • Japan Expo special edition of 10 pictures of Amour Sucré

A dating game online. The cover has been autographed by the creator of the game, ChiNoMiko ~

  • 9 badges

Armin, Lysandre Nathaniel & Dake from Amour Sucré ; Noob, Level Up, Caffeine addict, Dafuck & Fus Ro Dah

  • A travel mug Amour Sucré
  • A Halo 4 T-sirt

And also a Guild Wars 2 one, but not on the picture.

  • Junko Yakeuchi 1st autograph on a Road to Ninja poster

I got a special can Road to Ninja with it :D

  • And last but not least, the most beautiful autograph ever ;_;

still from Junko Takeuchi xD. To meet her was the best moment of my life. he was cute, nice and funny. She was crooning “Kushina da Kushina da ~” since I was wearing my Kushina’s cosplay ans she asked me who was my favorite character. When I answered “Kurama” she was like “Kyuubi no Kurama ?!” (you could HEAR Naruto in the depth of her voice !) And she start laughing. She then asked me where was Minato and burst out of laughing when I answered “At home”. Best-day-ever.

The last picture (bad quality >3<) is Junko Takeuchi herself :) and yes she was wearing a cute Yukata ~♥

✂   Fukuo